Friday, August 12, 2016

august twelfth

Five for August 12th.

Xbox down. Looks like my old vintage Xbox officially crapped out at some point recently- which I learned this morning while trying to turn on Crimson Skies ("the airplane game") for Jane. Hooked up the old Nintendo 64 and we busted out some Mario Kart instead, for the win.

Epiphone home. I’ll be reclaiming my old thin-body Epiphone Les Paul on Monday night after an eight-year residency in Kevin’s basement, completing the trifecta of LP-shaped guitars in my attic that aren’t actually proper Les Pauls.

Modesto. So bummed to hear they’re closing their doors next weekend. It’s been our staple, go-to date night spot for as long as we’ve been together. I don’t get why a successful restaurant that is always amazing and has the market on tapas more or less cornered in a city would close to open some dime-a-dozen pizza place, but I guess all good things must come to an end.

Cool stuff. An Open Letter to Ivanka Trump from Michael Moore: 'Your Dad Is Not Well', leftover homemade pizza, new Assault HMC decks, $25 cash spiff, The Story Behind the Cover of Metallica’s Black Album (written by a good friend of mine), Hoffmam Bikes Trilogy DVD, Janey jams.

Weekend action. Drinks on the back patio with Mary and Keith, morning skate session, mowing the lawn, hitting the pool, taking the kids to Happy Joe’s.

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