Wednesday, August 24, 2016

august twenty-fourth

Five for August 24th:

Enter sandman. Fell out at 8:30 last night following a sleep-free two day span. Feels nice to have the batteries recharged, as I was starting to feel like a dead man walking.

Deep cleaning. We got the house power-washed last week. The dude was out there working on it for the entire day, blasting off years of grass stains, mildew, dead insects, and whatever else. Looks like new.

Lifers. Completely forgot about this Vimeo series centered on old(er) dudes who still ride BMX. This one is my personal favorite, but they’re all worth a watch.

Cool stuff. Smoked almonds, Rad on DVD, afternoon White Birch session with Brian, bagworm eradication, leftover pesto pasta.

Goldeneye. This footage of the unreleased Xbox version of N64's Goldeneye surfaced recently and is fucking unreal, even if the upgraded graphics now look super primitive by today’s standards.

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