Monday, August 22, 2016

august twenty-second

Five for August 22nd.

Bike commuting. Nice, cool, hint-of-fall-ish ride in to work this morning. Been a bit since I rode in, mostly due to the insufferable heat of the last few weeks. Hopeful I can continue this as much as possible well into the early winter.

Dental work. Got my last two wisdom teeth yanked Saturday morning. They were both out in less than two minutes and I didn’t feel a thing. Popping some Penicillin per doctor’s orders, but I haven’t even had to mess with the pain pills they gave me. I’m just glad to finally have it over with.

Bowie. Jane pretty much only wants to listen to (and dance to) “Magic Dance” from the Labyrinth soundtrack these days.

Cool stuff. Root beers and Depot dogs with Jane, short skate session at JB, checking out the mini ramp at the World’s Fare at Forest Park, fried egg and avocado on toast, I Scream ice cream kebabs, my little dude, new toolbox.

Quote of the day. "The singer sounds like a death metal chihuahua attacking your fucking ankle". –Brian commenting on this song/video.

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