Thursday, September 8, 2016

september eighth

Five for September 8th:

Proud dad. Yeah, I’m that guy who posts pictures of his kids on the front porch with their tote bags and hand-picked outfits on their first day of school. Get used to it.

Spotify. My “Discover” playlist for this week included songs by every Rob Halford-fronted band in existence. The machine has achieved consciousness.

Abandonment issues. The first time I went to the Mills mall, which was only a few years ago, it was at close to 100% occupancy easily, and packed with people. In the few times I've been there since, you could see that number halved each time. Now it’s essentially a dead mall. The skate park there just reopened, though, so there’s that.

Cool stuff. New Haro Matthias Dandois part, Watch Nirvana Play 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' At A Tiny Club In 1991, Ranchito with Tom and Brian, H-Street “Magnificent Seven” series, $25 gift card from work, Powell Peralta Vato Rat snapbacks.

Tunes. I have the eight songs for the show on the 29th pretty dialed in, at least as far as rehearsing them by myself in the attic/drumming them out on my steering wheel goes. We’ll see how they translate in real life.

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