Wednesday, September 14, 2016

september fourteenth

Five for September 14th:

Playhouse. We scored this super nice, practically-new, gender-neutral play cottage last night for the kids for sixty bucks (delivered!). Jane freaked out when she saw it and she and George spent the whole morning in there.

White Birch. Such a rad skatepark, and more or less totally off the radar. I feel like any day now people are going to discover it and light bulbs will go off and it’ll just blow up, but you can pretty much count on being the only people there using it at any given time.

Sore legs. There’s something to be said for two solid days of skateboarding and bike commuting when you’re two days shy of 39, but it definitely comes with a price- in my case, barely being able to get out of bed this morning. That said, it’s a good kind of sore.

Cool stuff. $50 Starbucks card (plus dinner at SoHa) from Mark and Debbie, Hangin’ with the Vamp, 9 Feminist Values I Managed To Wring Out Of Street Sharks, Thrasher Classics – EMB Gonz Kickflip, drawing pictures for Jane's lunchbox.

Quote of the day. “A 68 year-old woman who’s been on the road for eight months got tired so guess we’d better elect a white supremacist.” –Dylan Marchetti

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