Monday, September 19, 2016

september nineteenth

Five for September 19th:

Celebration days. A happy belated birthday to my little brother Josh, who is now like 36 or something crazy, and congrats to Andy and Kelli, who got engaged over the weekend. High fives all around.

Bike commuting. These are the best mornings for riding in- late summer/early fall, when the air is cool, crisp and super comfortable for a six-mile bike trek. No headwind, low traffic and getting lucky with stoplights got me in super quick today.

Party central. Jane had the house decked out on Friday when I got home: balloons hanging, homemade cake, and a special chair decorated with streamers. Then we went to Happy Joe’s for pizza, because that's just what you do when your party is planned by a three year old.

Cool stuff. Rad skate session at JB, duck feeding at Clifton Park, Santa Cruz Jeff Kendall from Lisa and a pair of Black Market shop decks from Josh, new issue of STL magazine, TWS Aggro Zone shirts, Keith Morris Rolling Stone interview.

Illinois. We took a trip up the river road yesterday to see the Piasa bird, pick some apples, ride rides and get dinner on the water at Loading Dock, which through a series of escalating employee blunders ended up being free. Great way to cap off the weekend.

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