Friday, September 9, 2016

september ninth

Five for September 9th:

Good luck Lisa. Being home all day solo, chasing around a three year old and a one year old with twelve solid hours of rain in the forecast would be a heavy task for anyone to undertake. I’m with you in spirit.

Hometown press. Why St. Louis is America’s most overlooked city to visit right now, 36 photos of STL in the early 20th century.

Sidewalk surfer. Set up my old Powell Ray Bones pig last night, with some legit old school risers, Indy 149s and a set of 84A/65mm Dominion Inertia wheels. This thing could roll over a tree trunk. Perfect for sailing around the park or quick runs to the Circle-K.

Cool stuff. Already Friday, great first day of school for Jane/full day of new-nanny care for George, Ben Raybourn Dusted, BS with TG: Natas Kaupas parts one and two, smoked almonds,

Weekend action. Looks like a nice one coming up despite the day-long deluge today. Plans include catching the Jag-Wires at Foam, the Joan of Arc homecoming festival with the kids, a skate session or two, and mowing the lawn. Fall RV show? Not out of the question. We’ll see what else comes along.

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