Friday, September 2, 2016

september second

Five for September 2nd:

Hired gun. Looks like I will indeed be sitting in on drums with Kevin and Kimi’s new band the Jag-Wires on September 29th at San Loo while Scott is out of town. Thanks to Kevin for asking me. It’s gonna be fun, so come out.

Shredding. Meeting Andy at White Birch this afternoon for some rolling around- hot on the heels of yesterday’s midday sesh. No better way to spend a lunch break.

The lawn. Yesterday was the first time I really appreciated fully the awesomeness of having a gas mower. It was so overgrown that trying to chop through it with that dull-bladed reel mower would have probably given me a heart attack. Instead, I got the whole thing done in 25 minutes without breaking a sweat. Bam.

Cool stuff. Windows open, getting paid, Seattle’s Best “five” roast, James Carville: The Republican Party Is Committing Suicide, An Oral History of "We Built This City," the Worst Song of All Time, Dear White America, which form of protest do you prefer?

Long weekend. Looks like an amazing Labor Day weekend coming up, weather-wise. Lots of hanging out with the kids, a party at Seth and Lindsay’s, going to some parks, squeezing in some skating, and generally being outdoors as much as possible.

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