Wednesday, September 7, 2016

september seventh

Five for September 7th:

Access denied. SoHa was closed for a remodeling job last night, putting the kibosh on our plans for two-dollar burgers. Rerouted the crew to Las Palmas for traditional tacos and fish-tank viewing.

School days. Jane has her preschool orientation today, her first day of school tomorrow, and her dance class is starting this week. My little girl is growing up.

Get real. Can we just talk for a second about how stupid it is that we say "gubernatorial" instead of "governatorial"? I don't care about the etymology of it. When people say "gubernatorial" all I can picture is a giant pile of snot and mucas wearing an ill-fitting suit. Actually, come to think of it, maybe that is an appropriate term to use.

Cool stuff. Gullwing Inside Out on Youtube, Missouri’s Bosnian Vote could turn the state blue, How Donald Trump Lost His Mojo, Obi-Wan’s Last Days in the Desert, cheap margaritas, Grosso's Love Notes: Episode 3.

Wednesday soundtrack. Troubled Horse, Fight, Early Man, Hot Lunch, Oslo Ess, Crimson Glory, Acid King, Thin Lizzy, Minor Threat, King Diamond, Death Breath.

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