Tuesday, September 13, 2016

september thirteenth

Five for September 13th:

Riding and ripping. Last night’s Deer Creek skate jam was awesome. Got another ride in to the office today with a skate session at White Birch planned for this afternoon. Get loose.

Princesses. The morning ritual with Jane now includes at least ten minutes of playing with her toy princess castle before we go downstairs, where I (using a Han Solo figure) play the part of the prince and marry any number of fictional maidens/ponies.

Down time. Everything is working fine today with the exception of the system we use to do literally everything. Thank god for the internet.

Cool stuff. Free lunch on Friday, gift basket from Abby, oat & honey bars, two-dollar burger night, Solidarity With Kaepernick Ripples Through the NFL, BMX is more fun than football, iPhone photo dump, steak tacos and a Single Speed at Seoul.

Tuesday soundtrack. The Lion’s Daughter, Carcass, Drive Like Jehu, Blue Oyster Cult, Spiders, Murder City Devils, Beastwars, Dust, Weedeater, Demolition Hammer.

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