Friday, September 30, 2016

september thirtieth

Five for September 30th:

Beyond the lighted stage. Had a blast playing last night at San Loo, and it was rad to see tons of people I hadn’t seen in forever, some in literally two decades. Thanks to everyone who came out. I think we did pretty well for practicing exactly one time.

RIP clippers. You came, you shaved, you died. Ten years plus is a good solid run.

USA Today. The Editorial Board has never taken sides in a presidential race. We’re doing it now. Donald Trump is, by unanimous consensus, unfit for the presidency. To drive the point home, Trump starts his day with some slut-shaming.

Cool stuff. Morning couch time with George, getting paid, free Powell McGill 56mm Snake 2 park wheels (thanks, work gift card), drink tickets, Ranchito with Tom and Brian.

Weekend action. Busy and fun one coming up. Roots & Blues festival/ hanging out with old friends in Columbia, early skate session at JB, swimming and hot-tubbing at the Y, taking kids to the park, last bit of lawn care.

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