Monday, September 12, 2016

september twelfth

Five for September 12th:

Riding in. Got in a much-needed bike commute to the office this morning. Couldn’t ask for better weather. Shooting for tomorrow as well.

Weekend with Jane. We walked to Chris’ for pancakes, went to the JoA homecoming fair, got ice cream cones, hit Rocket Ship Park, had dinner at Steak n’ Shake, and lots more. Some firsts for her include riding a ferris wheel, chewing gum, and taking her first dance class. Best times.

Bummersville. Lisa spent the weekend holed up with a bad case of strep throat, which of course came out of nowhere on the nicest weekend of the year. Hoping for a speedy recovery for her.

Cool stuff. $50 more in gift cards, work snack restock, to-go coffee, the last days of Admiral’s Row’s stately, neglected mansions, Tommy Guerrero turns 50, Jason "Kid" Adams Run video and interview, Baseball Card Vandals, new jacket.

Skating. Deer Creek session with Andy and crew tonight, lunch jams at Deer Creek at some point(s) this week, coming up on Ramp Riders season.

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