Tuesday, September 20, 2016

september twentieth

Five for September 20th:

Dear Police of America. Sometimes there are going to be people you encounter who are bigger than you and also black. If you can't deal with that reality without resorting to deadly violence, you should have picked a different career.

Skating. A few quick curbslides on the way in and a lunch session at White Birch coming up in a few hours. Also watched half of “Radical Moves” this morning for some reason.

Behold the future. St. Louis newspapers should just copy this article to reprint a month after the Loop trolley opens. It’ll save them the trouble of writing the same exact thing.

Cool stuff. Home-grown butternut squash, free coffee pods in the mail, nice sunrise, learned the opening guitar riff to “Dance the Night Away”, evening at the park with Jane.

Tuesday soundtrack. Pallbearer, Brutal Truth, ACBs, Exodus, Desmond Dekker, Karma to Burn, Red Fang, MC5, Nailbomb, Rival Sons, Metallica, ALL.

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