Wednesday, September 28, 2016

september twenty-eighth

Five for September 28th:

Tuesday night. Good times playing rock n’ roll music and hanging out with K&K. The set sounded pretty damn good for never having played together before. I think we might just pull this thing off.

B.A. Brian Anderson on being the first openly gay professional skateboarder. This dude rules, and the heavy volume of positive and supportive comments I saw all over the place yesterday were a breath of fresh air. Time to check your homophobia, people.

Procrastination list. Came in this morning and powered through a couple of work-related things I’d been putting off for whatever reason for a bit too long. Feels good to get the desk cleaned off.

Cool stuff. Homemade chili, playing actual acoustic drums, 3 Kings with Tom, (resisting the lure of) donuts at work, Battlefield 1 trailer, four foot tall Osmonds poster in the free bin at Vintage Vinyl, RFT Best of St. Louis 2016.

Bikes. Couldn’t ride in Monday through today for various reasons, but I’m planning to remedy that tomorrow and Friday.

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