Tuesday, September 27, 2016

september twenty-seventh

Five for September 27th:

Get it over with. I possess neither the cringe-capacity nor level of masochism required to watch any of these presidential debates. The depressingly dismal reality of it all cannot be softened by drinking games or memes. This is the most soul-crushing shit I've ever lived through. Glad to see some of you are willing to give this farce of the electoral process a fair shake, but how you're putting yourselves through willful viewings of this clown show is beyond me.

Rock n’ roll. Tonight I get to play music with actual people for the first time since the last Blind Eyes show, in the form of the first and only practice for the show on Thursday with Kevin’s band. Looking forward to bashing some real drums for a change.

Lunch shreds. Afternoon session at White Birch is in the works for today. Got to take advantage of as much of this sunny, mid-70’s weather as possible.

Cool stuff. Evening at the playground, the joy of Bob Ross, Schlafly pumpkin ale, new episodes of Family Guy on Netflix, $25 gift card, Iron Maiden Halloween masks.

Tuesday soundtrack. Mammoth Storm, Ringworm, Valis, Brant Bjork, Planet of Zeus, Led Zeppelin, Black Pyramid, Redd Kross.

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