Monday, September 26, 2016

september twenty-sixth

Five for September 26th:

Feng shui. The gross great-granny table darkening our home for the last half-decade has been bequeathed to a new family and replaced by a modern, stylish farm table, complete with long bench. Chairs are on order. The new vibes in the dining room are a mood-changer.

YMCA. We’re officially re-enrolled for the fall/winter. The lure of built-in child care, classes for Lisa, and giant indoor hot tub, sauna, and swimming pool with lazy river was too strong to resist.

September toy show. Picked up a South Park Stan figure and vintage Dungeons & Dragons Warduke all for three bucks, and Jane snagged a stuffed turtle and met her first real-life Stormtrooper. Success.

Cool stuff. Party in the Park, $20 McGill (with rib bones), office k-cup resupply, hoodie weather, awesome JB skate session, Haro at Interbike 2016, Metallica Moth Into Flame, mint oreo shakes.

Eyes on the prize. Jane waited in line by herself for over an hour on Saturday to get her face painted. I didn’t know she had that level of patience, but she knew what she wanted and got it.

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