Tuesday, October 11, 2016

october eleventh

Five for October 11th:

Sick girl. Jane has spent the last couple of days battling a fever, but she’s feeling a bit better with the help of some children’s Tylenol and copious consumption of rainbow popsicles. Hoping she gets back to 100% soon.

Out for delivery. My new set of e-drums should be arriving today. Can’t wait to take a spin on them. Also have the Slime Balls carpet for the attic skateshop coming in. Bam.

Quote of the day. "Perhaps we’ve always been heading to this historic moment. The first female presidential nominee versus the human embodiment of every backward, condescending, Mad Men–esque boys’ club attitude that has ever existed, rolled into one giant, salivating, dick size–referencing, pussy-grabbing warthog in a red power tie." -John Oliver

Cool stuff. Morning roll, January NAMM travel planning, (more) leftover pizza, new room found at the Winchester Mystery House, Donald Trump is blowing up the Republican Party.

Tuesday soundtrack. Elephant Tree, Vektor, Dead Man, Carbonas, Sick Of It All, Dead Moon, Windhand, Monolord, Sonny Vincent, Tankard, Common Enemy.

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