Tuesday, October 4, 2016

october fourth

Five for October 4th:

Stuckmeyer Farm. Had a blast with Jane and her preschool class at the pumpkin patch today. Went on a hayride, braved a giant maze, hit the playground, and scored a couple of free pumpkins for the front porch. Best times.

Wake-up call. George was up shrieking at 5:15 this morning. Sadly, this isn’t much earlier than we normally get up.

Skating. Snuck in a quickie at Webster on the way in today. What the hell, I scheduled a half day, I may as well get the most out of it.

Cool stuff. Kev’s Kreations: the Roskopp Ripper, new issue of Thrasher, Eric Dressen Weekend Buzz, this handsome dude.

Tuesday soundtrack. Pentagram, OFF!, Sweet Savage, Dirtbombs, Bolt Thrower, Bad Brains, Witchery, elder, Celtic Frost, 7 Seconds, Mondo Generator, Zero Boys.

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