Wednesday, October 19, 2016

october nineteenth

Five for October 19th:

What I learned at Father’s night. I’m 10 years old, my favorite food is jelly beans, I like going to Florida, and I have green and blue hair.

Upland ‘89. An hour plus of footage surfaced yesterday documenting some of the last sessions that ever went down at the fabled Pipeline skatepark, courtesy of Jim Gray. Completely awesome.

Must-reads. George Takei’s open letter to America’s young voters, The Unforgivables: Donald Trump’s Top Collaborators, The Hate Comes Home to Roost.

Cool stuff. Organic Frosted Flakes, Caballero Chinese Dragon blem + stickers, Emergen-C resupply, Stephen Egerton interview, Seoul Taco burritos, new issue of Decibel.

Rain rain. Looks like my afternoon skate plans have been washed away.

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