Monday, October 3, 2016

october third

Five for October 3rd:

October. Eventful month coming up, with Jane’s fourth birthday celebration(s), Andy and Kelli’s wedding, and Halloween being the chief highlights.

Columbia. Took a quick, action-packed, kid-free road trip west over the weekend with Lisa to see old friends, eat Shakespeare’s, do some record shopping, and stay out late (at least by our standards).

Field trip. Hitting the pumpkin patch tomorrow morning with Jane’s preschool class for some hayrides and apple cider.

Cool stuff. Free tapes, new Slimeballs rug for the attic skateshop, Sunday solo session at Webster Groves, high-end earplug samples at work, hot-tubbing at the Y, haircut, work snack restock, Love Notes episode 4.

Lost cause. Pretty sure the cymbal on my drums has finally been beaten beyond repair, following several operations, re-wires, and re-solders. May be getting near time to pony up for a whole new set. Given the amount of use I’ve gotten out of my current ($75) set, I’d say it's worth it.

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