Thursday, October 13, 2016

october thirteenth

Five for October 13th:

Last night. Had a blast at Happy Joe’s for Jane’s birthday night celebration. She scored a stuffed animal, a couple of Koosh creatures and a high-bounce ball and was good to go.

Blues. 1st in the Central Division, handily won the season opener against the Blackhawks, home opener tonight. Stanley cup, here we come.

Horror house. "These are all very nice, but I'm really looking for something with more of a ‘Winchester Mystery House meets possessed homicidal Victorian clown doll, American Horror Story, descent into insanity’ sort of vibe. Something cozy, where rooms change size and disappear on their own and every night is a battle to make it to the dawn when the doors finally unlock themselves. Got anything like that?"

Cool stuff. Bob Dylan awarded Nobel Prize in literature, busting out the new jacket, pastry crisps, afternoon roll-around.

Raise the roof. Our front parking lot is jammed with trucks and cranes right now- and is out of service for the foreseeable future- as we get a much-needed new roof put on the building. Here’s hoping we don’t get collapsed on.

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