Monday, October 31, 2016

october thirty-first

Five for October 31st:

Halloween. Three Halloween parties over the past three days, and trick or treating tonight. This year we have Jane the witch and George as Yoda, or some sort of little googly-eyed monster if he can’t keep the Yoda costume on.

Animal Chin part 3. Recreating the Invert Photo is up and totally worth a watch. I wish this series would continue forever.

Mom’s pad. After more than a year of displacement due to a fire and many ensuing months of construction delays, there are just a couple more days till mom can officially move back into her condo. Totally happy for her.

Cool stuff. Candy overload, Thrasher Hallween Hellride 2016 footage, Anna’s mac n’ cheese, JB Saturday session, pumpkin carving,

Near miss. A boxed trombone literally fell through the ceiling near my desk today and landed about a foot from where I was sitting. The dangers of working in the music industry.

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