Thursday, October 20, 2016

october twentieth

Five for October 20th:

Chesterfield Mall. Word on the street is, the writing is on the wall for it to be closed completely. This is almost inconceivable to me, as it was the spot of more junior high and high school Friday and Saturday nights than I can even recall, to say nothing of a million childhood memories.

HRC playing Trump like a cheap fiddle. It’s almost like it was too easy.

Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer. Mind blowing. Looks like I’ll be picking up an Xbox One sometime in the next year.

Cool stuff. Pandora Revisited, butternut squash soup, Spitfire Fall ’16, Ranchito Thursday, half day tomorrow.

Summer shorts. They keep ripping, begging for the sweet release of death, and I keep sewing them back up. Waste not, want not. Never mind the fact that it looks like I tore them off the corpse of a homeless person.

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