Friday, October 28, 2016

october twenty-eighth

Five for October 28th:

At long last. Footage of the OG Bones Brigade skating the newly-constructed Chin Ramp at Woodward is live, and it’s fucking glorious, from the quadruple handplant on the spine to the period-correct t-shirt colors. I just wish Guerrero had taken a few runs.

Pageviews. This blog is swiftly approaching the 100K mark. Who the hell is looking at this dumb thing?

Photo op. For over forty years, this guy photographed the same buildings as he watched them decline.

Cool stuff. Breakfast shakes, Enforcer Radio on Pandora, new set of mechanical pencils, morning curbslides, peppermint tea, unseen footage of Mike McGill doing some of the first McTwists ever.

Weekend action. Two Halloween parties, helping mom get her condo dialed back in, pumpkin carving in North County, skate session at JB, last lawn mow of the year.

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