Monday, October 24, 2016

october twenty-fourth

Five for October 24th:

Wedded bliss. Congrats to Andy and Kelli for not just tying the knot, but also pulling off what was without doubt the fastest wedding to ever come together. Awesome food, tons of friends, kid-friendly and super casual. Cheers.

Beach bums. I always forget there’s literally a beach twenty-five minutes from our house. Took the kids there yesterday for some sun and sandcastle building. We need to go there a lot more.

Land Shark Lager. It’s Lisa’s favorite beer ever. Who knew?

Cool stuff. Jane’s school Halloween parade, maple bacon donuts, fives of people show up for Curt Schilling’s sad Trump rally, Street Plant Public Domain and Powell Vato Rat reissues, hot-tubbing.

Cubs vs. Indians.
Obviously bummed the Cards didn't make it, but man, talk about a series. Should be fun.

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