Thursday, October 27, 2016

october twenty-seventh

Five for October 27th:

Farm eggs. We hadn’t had fresh, non-store bought eggs in the house since our neighbors (who had chickens) moved away. We got some from our CSA and they’re unreal. Don’t skimp.

Game six anniversary. Hard to believe this was five years ago already- I remember that night like it was yesterday. Still one of the craziest things I’ve ever witnessed.

Rolling. The fleet in the backyard has grown to a wagon, a scooter, a big wheel, a tricycle, Jane’s two-wheeler, and a couple of small push cars, to say nothing of the 2-3 strollers always back there at any given time.

Cool stuff. Jane’s Halloween parade, morning roll, homemade breakfast sandwiches, Brian’s 7 lb solid chocolate pumpkin, Ranchito Thursday, summer shorts re-sew.

Facebook notifications. Are they all screwy for anyone else? I’m seeing maybe half the activity I used to on my own stuff, can’t turn off certain notifications, all sorts of weirdness. It’s the same on my phone or computer.

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