Wednesday, November 16, 2016

november sixteenth

Five for November 16th:

Face forward. We turned George’s car seat around in both cars, marking one more small milestone in his official transformation from toddler to little boy. He loves it.

Long weekend season. One of the best parts of winter.

Fire in the sky. Unbelievable sunset over St. Louis last night, as evidenced by hundreds of photos peppering the social media landscape.

Cool stuff. Ham and eggs, Build Woodward: Animal Chin 2.0, lunch skate session today or tomorrow (or both), short interview for the SLM site, space adventures with Jane.

Trump sucks. I'm already growing weary of having to sign petitions requesting the smallest modicums of decency from the president-elect and it's still two months till he takes office. SIGH. Yes, please don't appoint the fucking racist anti-Semite to a White House position for motherfucking fuck’s sake. To that end; This Is Not Normal.

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