Friday, November 18, 2016

november eighteenth

Five for November 18th:

Foxpaw. It’s rad to be able to just plug my phone in and have it charge without a fight for the first time in months, and also have a new battery that won’t be halfway drained by the time I get to work. Foxpaw rules- the whole thing was $45, took a few hours to get done, and saved me from having to deal with Apple or Verizon. Highly recommended,

Old and broken. Yeah, apparently I pulled a muscle in my left hip last night walking the recycling bin up the driveway, because apparently that's what happens when you're almost forty. May need to make a trip to the YMCA hot tub this evening.

Quote of the day. “Any Christian who isn’t immediately outraged by the idea of a ‘Muslim registry’ never gets to utter the words ‘religious freedom’ again.” -Chris Robertson

Cool stuff. Morning therapy roll, Elizabeth Warren senate floor Trump evisceration, Metallica Murder One video, toaster waffles, free SW stickers, popcorn Friday, Luke Cage.

Weekend action. First weekend in a while with no real concrete plans. With the temperature dropping and some rain in the forecast, who knows? Hopefully get the kids to the park, squeeze in a skate session (hip permitting), re-rake the backyard, and gear up for a short workweek.

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