Tuesday, November 15, 2016

november fifteenth

Five for November 15th:

Life is weird. One minute you're at home making a grilled cheese, the next you're skating a mini ramp, the next you're hanging out on Flotsam and Jetsam's tour bus. Pretty good for a Monday night.

Kid-free. It’s been nice to have some uninterrupted time to get things done around the house, go out and do things, and have a couple of lazy mornings, but I’m ready to see those goobers again.

Tuesday soundtrack. Enforcer, Fugazi, Black Sabbath, Primal Fear, Judas Priest, T. Rex, Gama Bomb, Cauldron, Tom Petty.

Cool stuff. Love Notes Episode Five, selling stuff off, remembering lunch, guest lists, free earplugs, Street Axe revisited, almost eighty degrees on Thursday.

Dear Trump supporters. Sure, your presidential nominee, who ran on a platform of fear, exclusion, xenophobia, racism, nationalism and ignorance is appointing a series of like-minded sycophants, idiots and yes-men to his cabinet, including a known white supremacist as chief strategist. And yes, your nominee has yet to denounce in any meaningful way the nationwide uptick in reports of hate crimes that have happened in his name in the wake of his nomination- or even denounce the actual Ku Klux Klan victory parade that was held to celebrate his win, and yes, taxpayers are going to be spending tens of millions of dollars over the next four years flying the president back and forth between DC and New York because he apparently had no idea the job actually had to be conducted from the White House and wants to continue living in his lavish Manhattan skyscraper where he can shit in his (actual) gold toilet, and yes, he may *potentially* have had no idea he had to actually staff the West Wing, and yes, he is quite possibly illiterate and has no real policy proposals of any sort and zero interest in learning about foreign policy and expects his VP to do all that work for him, and yes, he is backpedaling on many facets of the idiotic proclamations he so vigorously stated during his campaign which means he is a liar who will say whatever people want to hear, and yes, he is a horrifying, woefully inept man-child who is in over his head and is dangerously close to plunging the country into a combination economic depression/race war (to say nothing of what might happen to the global economy), and yes, you were forced to turn your back on many of your most basic principles, morals, human decencies and religious convictions in the name of blindly supporting a hate-spewing charlatan demagogue, and yes, this person has already managed to turn America into a worldwide laughingstock, and yes, you were conned by a con man. You were the mark for a television huckster, a rapist reality show con man, and you got had.These things are true. But at least you managed to stick it to that no-good Hillary, with her emails and Benghazi! Right?!?

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