Thursday, November 10, 2016

november tenth

Five for November 10th:

The reality. This country will never stop moving forward no matter how hard these last-gasp baby boomers and their aging political stooges try to take us backwards, and our daughters will be around to enjoy equal and reproductive rights long after the last bit of rotten flesh has withered off of Donald Trump's crumbling skeleton and the policies put in place by his cabinet are nothing but a sad, embarrassing footnote in American history.

La Pizza. It’s been too long, old friend. It’s been too long. Double-slice lunch special in the near future.

Return to Fallbrook. Here's What Happened to the Legendary Ramps Behind Tony Hawk's Old House.

Cool stuff. Like-minded people keeping me sane, getting paid, afternoon shredding, Maplewood skatepark in the works, morning drums, Iron Maiden En Vivo HD.

Quote of the day. "She knew that she was electoral poison, that vast swathes of the country hated her and for good reason, that she was compromised by a miserable record spotted with sleaze and criminality, that she alienated the left, inflamed the right, that her entire constituency was made of limp cardboard, that her candidacy raised the serious possibility of a Republican victory when anyone else would have beaten that divided and frothing party into insignificance with one hand tied behind their back – but she ran anyway." -Sam Kriss

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