Monday, November 28, 2016

november twenty-eighth

Five for November 28th:

Date night. We kicked off the long weekend with some amazing sushi at Café’ Mochi followed by drinks at Tick Tock Tavern- our first time there. Great old school STL spot- we’ll definitely be back.

Get rad. Skate sessions at JB and Webster Groves over the weekend, and also squeezed in some BMX here and there, including a parking lot jam with Janey.

Family life. Two thanksgivings, setting up the xmas tree, Garden Glow at Botanical Garden, neighborhood nature walks, attempting to maintain sanity.

Cool stuff. Free Dunlop picks, YMCA tot-watch, Trip Daddys at Bottleworks, Ballast Point Victory at Sea, new hat, apple cider, steak gogi bowl.

Basement redux. Spent some time down there cleaning, clearing, and organizing over the weekend. It needed it. Also set up a workspace to start selling stuff on eBay- I have at least four tubs of old toys and other odds and ends to photograph, list, pack, and get rid of.

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