Tuesday, November 22, 2016

november twenty-second

Five for November 22nd:

Holiday cards. We got them ordered in record time this year, as opposed to our normal routine of dragging our feet until the week before Christmas.

Playing music. May be doing it again soon. With people and everything. Nothing firm yet, but some potential things cooking. We’ll see what happens.

Scrubbed clean. The old, rotting Lever 2000 soap factory- a consistent fixture of blight that has stood decaying on the other side of Ferguson for as long as I’ve worked here, was imploded over the weekend and is currently being dismantled. It’ll be weird not to have that hulking structure looming in the distance every day.

Cool stuff. Snakebite BMX Eddie Roman interview, morning curb crushing, care package of skate pins and CD from an Instagram buddy (thanks Paul!), math board games with Jane, “It smelled like death”: An oral history of the Double Dare obstacle course.

Make no mistake. If you voted for Trump, you're one of these people. These are now your contemporaries. The KKK and the white nationalist party are now your contemporaries. Your vote enabled this. You could see it coming a mile away, and you ignored it, and you are responsible. I'm (by birth) a Jewish person living in this country, and your vote has empowered these people. Yes, they were here before, but now they're being given a voice by the highest level of government. So, again, I really hope you're proud of yourselves. Next time you see a swastika carved on someone's door or a room full of people sieg-heiling, just remember this shit is on you.

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