Thursday, December 8, 2016

december eighth

Five for December 8th:

So it begins. We ran our faucets for the first time last night to stave off potential pipe-freezing. The joys of owning a 122-year-old house. How did I never know about this site? It’s a total NOS treasure trove. Holy crap.

Candy canes. There are literally two thousand of them sitting in boxes in our living room right now for the CHP candy cane hunt next Saturday. I’s a good thing Jane can’t read yet, because if she knew what was in those boxes, she would lose her mind.

Cool stuff. Stroganoff, Sumatra to-go, Santa Cruz Right to Exist video, cold morning roll, Stephen Colbert to fake news conspiracy theorists: "grow the fuck up".

Quote of the day. "People have expressed concern with Trump picking Hexxus, the pollution monster from Ferngully, to run the EPA, but let’s give him a chance." -Patrick Monahan

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