Wednesday, December 14, 2016

december fourteenth

Five for December 14th:

Challenge of the Flatlanders. Just when I think I’ve certainly seen every obscure 80’s skate or freestyle BMX video to ever get released, I come across something I had no idea existed and is weirdly awesome.

Facts. The law of averages states that somewhere out there, an elderly grandmother is delicately wrapping a Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow bonus edition DVD to give to her soon-to-be disappointed grandson.

Keys to beating winter. Waterproof gloves, fur-lined hat, always warm up the car in the morning, AWD.

Cool stuff. Busting out the green ripper hoodie, Exile on Main Street morning jams, year-end bonuses, white cheddar cheez-its.

Quote of the day. “At one time the US had an institution to prevent someone like Trump from being elected. It was called education.” -Andy Borowitz

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