Monday, December 19, 2016

december nineteenth

Five for December 19th:

Winter rules. I don't know what I like more: white-knuckling it home on a sheet of ice for an hour long, 5 mile commute only to scrape up the front panel of my car on my retaining wall while sliding down the driveway into the street, or being stuck indoors with two small children for 48 hours because it's four degrees outside and pissing sleet. It's hard to decide. Both are pretty good though. That's to say nothing of the 4:45 pm pitch-darkness.

Skating. Managed to get in a fun two-hour session at Ramp Riders with tons of the crew yesterday and busted out a few old school freestyle moves in the basement. Also re-upped my RR ten pass to get through the next couple of months.

Candy cane hunt. The first annual Clifton Park candy cane hunt was a huge success, and as luck would have it occurred during the lone two-hour stretch of the weekend where being outdoors was tolerable. Super proud of Lisa and crew for putting it together and pulling it off.

Cool stuff. Upcoming four-day weekend, Mi Ranchito gift certificate, weather warm-up on the horizon, lint shaver, 2-Hip shirt, quality George time, Steak n’ ShakE, Aggro Rag Mike Daily interview.

Guitar porn. A prototype smoked lucite Ampeg Dan Armstrong surfaced in the office today, absent a headstock logo and housed in a one of a kind custom cut case. The stuff that’s hiding out in this building never ceases to amaze.

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