Friday, December 9, 2016

december ninth

Five for December 9th:

Just a reminder. We have a president-elect that has spent more time since his nomination harassing private citizens on Twitter than he has attending national security briefings.

Dog and pony show. They have the showroom at the office all gussied up like a French whorehouse. I’ve been over there dorking around on gear all morning.

Luke Cage. Finally finished up the first season last night. Excellent show, especially compared to the over-the-top absurdity (and general disappointment) of season two of The Flash.

Cool stuff. Getting paid, four new sets of rails, Ranchito with Tom and Brian, new long-sleeve shirt that isn’t a hoodie, chilly Webster solo session, Thursday night Star Wars with Jane, In The Raw// Santee 2-Hip Meet the Street footage.

Weekend action. A mostly plan-free weekend coming up for the most part. Loose discussion of checking out the Jolly Roger sale tomorrow, neighborhood kid birthday party on Sunday, possibly hitting up Ramp Riders, hot-tubbing at the Y, hanging with the goobers.

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