Friday, December 2, 2016

december second

Five for December 2nd:

Office effigy. I took advantage of Brian leaving early yesterday to construct this creepy life-sized statue of him and leave it sitting at his desk.

Quote of the day. “I live in a country that will demand a burial for a fetus but will also casually bulldoze an indigenous gravesite for an oil pipeline.” -John Paul Brammer

Third thing. If I could think of one, it’d go here.

Cool stuff. 4 sets of $2.24 Enjoi Spectrum rails at Skate Warehouse, popcorn Friday, hummus veggie wrap, Florent Soulas- La Vie.

Weekend action. Taking the goobers to the Polar Express (or whatever it is this year) tonight, Doc’s 50th birthday/ punk rock karaoke at Blueberry Hill, hopefully a skate session (possibly at Ramp Riders?) and/or some bike trickery, maxing and relaxing.

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