Wednesday, December 7, 2016

december seventh

Five for December 7th:

AM meeting. The bad: had to rush out earlier than usual this morning to drop George off and get to the office by 8. The good: carafe of Starbucks, two boxes of donuts and a bunch of free electric string samples.

Regrets. I passed on a $50 drum set at work yesterday. Definitely not something I remotely needed, but still. Oh well. At least Brian got a good deal.

Santa Paws. Jane has officially deemed this movie “too frightening” and will come back to it next year.

Cool stuff. Enjoi rails delivery, loose winter snowboarding plans for Hidden Valley, the history of Wilkerson Airlines, Kyle Walker SOTY, Star Wars jelly beans.

Loop trolley hours of operation announced. "Dude, I'm at Cicero's. You're where again? Pin-Up? Shit.. Alright man, I mean the trolley JUST left. Damn it. OK, hang tight, and I'll see you in like 25, 30 minutes."

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