Friday, December 16, 2016

december sixteenth

Five for December 16th:

Free food Friday. Catered holiday lunch at the office today followed by a dinner at Dressell’s tonight for Lisa’s work xmas party. Bam.

The L.A. Boys. This trailer dropped out of nowhere today and looks absolutely killer. I may be more excited for this than the Bones Brigade doc. Stacy Peralta does it again.

Freestylin’. Set up an old school Rodney Mullen freestyle board last night and took it out for a spin this morning. Fun, and as is the case with all skating, much harder than it looks.

Cool stuff. 2017 planner, iphone photo dump, afternoon beers with Brian at 3 Kings, Jane’s kitchen craft table, finding old gift cards with balances left on them.

Weekend action. Date night (of sorts) tonight, Clifton Park candy cane hunt, JagWires at San Loo and/or Essential Knots at Off Broadway, swimming at the Y, hanging with the family, potential Ramp Riders sesh.

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