Friday, December 30, 2016

december thirtieth

Five for December 30th:

2016. I don’t gauge the value of a year based on deaths of entertainers or what happens in the political/social spectrums, even though those subjects were certainly distressing over the past twelve months. On a personal level 2016 was a great one: I have a happy, healthy family, tons of good friends and neighbors, a great job, and am able to live comfortably and do things I enjoy regularly. Certainly this year was rough and I don't expect the next four to be any easier, but I hope next year at this time, at the very least, I can focus on similar sentiments, assuming I'm not incinerated in a nuclear holocaust or sent off to a Jewish internment camp. Hope you all can say the same.

Beach cruise. Spending an extended lunch break skating around a beach in Missouri on the sunny second-to-last day of December? Why not.

BMX keeps you young. Dennis McCoy turned 50 yesterday, which is insane, because he’s still ripping like it was 1986.

Cool stuff. Leia Organa: A Critical Obituary, new Dan’s Comp catalog, OG 2-Hip t-shirt, lint shaving, turkey/lettuce wraps, breaking in the Starbucks gift cards, key lime Larabars, morning roll.

3-day weekend action. Pretty nice weekend coming up weather-wise with little in the way of plans. Possibly going to Wild Lights/Firebird, hanging with Lisa on NYE with champagne and Netflix, a skate session or two, hot-tubbing, whatever else. Seeya next year.

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