Monday, December 12, 2016

december twelfth

Five for December 12th:

Weekend highlights. Veggie and egg haul from the south city indoor farmer’s market, ramp skating with Brian and Andy, pizza and skee-ball, walking Candy Cane Lane, neighborhood crew out at the playground for one last blast.

Radical Moves. I remember renting this video as a kid and being blown away by how bad it was- yet I watched the whole thing last night. Has to be one of the longest skate videos ever put out if not the longest. People always credit Animal Chin with being the first one with a plot, but I beg to differ.

Old guy skate night. Trying to get the Monday evening wintertime old dude skate sessions at Ramp Riders back up and running in regular rotation. A life saver during the cold months.

Cool stuff. Keith Richards for President t-shirt, fresh pack of boxer shorts, new issue of Ride BMX, morning roll, free lunch, cookies at the office.

Quote of the day. “Fun: imagine if Hillary was elected with Russian help and gave donors cabinet positions and kept the Clinton Foundation and went on a victory tour.” -Bruce Arthur

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