Tuesday, December 20, 2016

december twentieth

Five for December 20th:

Guess it’s official. Not much left to hope for save for a swift impeachment for any number of day-one constitutional violations- though I’m not holding my breath.

61-degree Christmas? Now there’s something to rejoice about.

Vehicular maintenance. Took the g-ride in for a needed oil change this afternoon. I’d been going to Valvoline lately, but Jiffy Lube might have won me over with their combination of free coffee and bucket of Starburst in the waiting room.

Cool stuff. Freestylin’ Magazine sticker pack, leftover spaghetti, Brian’s SLM interview, Martin Strings holiday swag, endless crafts from Jane.

Tuesday soundtrack. Hammerfall, Cauldron, Dead Moon, Wipers, The Gories, Dead Boys, The Dicks, Television Personalities.

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