Wednesday, December 28, 2016

december twenty-eighth

Five for December 28th:

Carrie Fisher. Of all the high-profile deaths that have occurred over the last several months, this is by far the biggest bummer of them all. Unreal.

The L.A. Boys. Probably my favorite skate documentary I’ve seen. Veritable tons of unseen vintage footage, new footage, in-depth interviews, and a light, focused, positive tone that never strays in the somber direction you’re expecting and that every other skate doc has braced you for. Highly recommended.

First time for everything. I did not receive a single bag of peanut M&Ms for the holidays this year. I did, however, get a bag of coffee nut M&Ms which I have to say are pretty awesome.

Cool stuff. Blem Dominator seat for the Haro, nice weather, Christmas is cleaned up, runny eggs over sweet potato cakes, bamboo pillow, morning roll.

Tonight. Home to grab some food and play drums, then hitting up a micro-mini in some garage in Kirkwood with Andy and Brian. Promises to be a good time.

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