Wednesday, December 21, 2016

december twenty-first

Five for December 21st:

Warm-up. Five degree Monday, fifty degree Wednesday, and the days get longer from here on out. Not out of the woods even remotely, but I’ll take it.

NAMM. One month away. Should be a fun show- lots of cool stuff happening at the booth, plans to hang out with California friends, rooming with Brian, seeing some bands, and dining out on the company dime. All this flanked by sunshine and palm trees. That said, I’m going to miss my goobers.

Last minute gift-wrapping. Guess we weren’t the only ones with that idea yesterday evening.

Cool stuff. 2017 day planner stickered up, free BG laptop bag (too bad I don’t own a functioning laptop), Ranchito with the lunch squad, frittatas, J&G ornament, vintage Haro team demo footage on Youtube.

Sick dude blues. George has come down with a stomach bug, which while dampening several pairs of pajamas has not dampened his spirits. Hoping he gets over it soon.

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