Thursday, December 29, 2016

december twenty-ninth

Five for December 29th:

Psycho skate. Last night’s garage mini-ramp jam was everything a skate session should be: good people, good vibes, cold beer, Minor Threat played loudly, and tons of ripping. It gets no better. Big thanks to Jason for being a top-notch host.

Whole 30 challenge. With all holiday get-togethers over and no NYE plans to speak of, it starts today. Wish us luck.

2016. It’s actually just a calendar year and doesn't have ears or an agenda- but if I'm wrong and it can hear you, it's obviously a sadist and is taking great pleasure in taunting you every time you ask it to stop killing celebrities on social media.

Cool stuff. Hell Night Human Shelves CD, free balloons for the kids, Chrome Ball Sal Barbier interview, sleeping in, RX bars, morning couch time with Jane and George, Bill Danforth Street Survival.

You’ve been warned. So when it happens, don’t act surprised.

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