Thursday, December 22, 2016

december twenty-second

Five for December 22nd:

The annual blow off. Our work holiday party/potluck is already popping, and will go all day until we eventually all trickle out of here early. Traditions.

Down with the sickness. I think I picked up a touch of whatever George has, because I’m definitely not 100%. Ibuprofen is helping, but I’m really glad today isn’t one where I actually have to try to be productive.

Old School Skates. It’s insane to me that in 2016 you can still go onto a website and purchase a NOS, never-ridden Steve Saiz Powell complete for $79. What’s more insane is all the sold-out old stock that site used to have that I somehow missed out on.

Cool stuff. Two $10 Amazon gift cards, Danzig Lost Tracks, cup o’ candy, Hidden Wonders of the Digital World: LOTR online, Freestylin’ Fanatics on Youtube, Sumatra resupply.

Long weekend action. Four days off coming up. Hanging out with every arm of the family somewhere or other, gift giving and receiving, Hell Night EP release at Firebird, skate/BMX session or two, trying not to get sick(er).

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