Tuesday, December 27, 2016

december twenty-seventh

Five for December 27th:

Christmas vacation. Started off on a crappy note, with a couple of days of sickness and a 102-degree fever, but ended with a return to physical normality and three trips around the metro area for family visits and general holiday merriment.

Last night. Monday evening old man session at Ramp Riders was a blast, with all the regulars in attendance and a couple of Jolly Roger kids who were absolutely murdering everything in sight, as they do.

Getting healthy. Lisa and I will be doing the Whole 30 challenge in January- although for me it’ll be more like the Whole 20, with NAMM happening late in the month. Gonna try to keep things on the healthy side in California but that might be easier said than done.

Cool stuff. New watch from Lisa, $120 in Starbucks gift cards (plus four bags of coffee), NOS pink Powell Street Wheels, iPhone photo dump, winter walks to the park, The Exact Moment Each of Trump’s Enemies Sold Their Souls, Anna’s Christmas cookies, Bucky Lasek's Buck It part.

Bike plans for 2017. Put black tires, white grips and a white Dominator on the DLX/Sport, complete the Blyther FST with gyro, 990-mount forks, front brakes and four pegs, learn some new tricks.

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