Tuesday, January 31, 2017

january thirty-first

Five for January 31st:

All this because we dared elect a black president. Week 11: Experts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you, #LearnFromEurope – The Authoritarian Regime Survival Guide, The Republican Fausts, The incompetence displayed by Trump's immigration orders will be terrifying in a crisis.

Skating. Missed out on the Monday night old man sesh last night at Ramp Riders, but making up for it today with some morning curb action and a probable lunch trip to White Birch.

Long story short. The toddler bed we got for George didn’t work out for a number of reasons, so it’ll going back and getting replaced with a twin bed with rails, which will ultimately form the bunkbed he will someday share with Jane.

Cool stuff. Voltron: Legendary Defender season 2 on Netflix, February Gregg Bissonette at Focal Point, French Roast k-cups at the office, gift cards I forgot about.

Tuesday soundtrack. Dirty on Purpose, the Minutemen, Danzig, White Wizzard, Embrace, Rites of Spring, Tygers of Pan Tang, Paxidils.

Monday, January 30, 2017

january thirtieth

Five for January 30th:

Thrift score, v2. Nabbed a 2000 Haro Ryan Nyquist Backtrail X1 with S&M seat in great condition at Red Racks for seventeen bucks on Friday. A little brake work and some basic maintenance and it’ll be ready to ride. Maybe a trip to the Figure 8 trails coming up?

Skateboarding. Hit JB on Saturday morning for a solo session in the sun on my Powell Tony Hawk bottlenose. Felt great to get out and roll around in the fresh air.

Big boy bed. After a couple more successful escape attempts, George is officially out of his crib, with the transition to his newly-purchased toddler bed in full, agonizing swing.

Cool stuff. First trip to the STL Ikea, the inevitability of impeachment, Sunday swim party with the crew, Starbucks reusable cup, free lightly-used Tired board from Andy, carousel date with Jane.

Quote(s) of the day. “Calls to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. are offensive and unconstitutional.” -Mike Pence, Dec 2015. “Are you allowed to impeach a president for gross incompetence?” -Donald Trump, June 2014

Friday, January 27, 2017

january twenty-seventh

Five for January 27th:

Whole 30. Apparently today is the last official day of our Whole 30 challenge, but for me it’s just the beginning. Undoubtedly one of the best things I’ve ever done, and I have no plans to stop. In my adult life, I don’t recall ever feeling better or having more energy than I have had over the last month just by cutting crap out of my diet. Life changing.

Gratiot School. I assumed demolition was imminent when I saw the fence go up and the trucks rolling in at the old Gratiot school by our house, but I’m happy to report I’m wrong- it’s in the process of being converted to 22 new apartments.

Stay woke. Help us, GOP. You’re our only hope, A Lie by Any Other Name, Trump’s Crony Cabinet May Look Strong, but They Are Scared, Thanks to Trump, the Doomsday Clock Advances Toward Midnight.

Cool stuff. New issue of Thrasher, set up the Lee Ralph again, butternut squash soup, SK8 RAT license plate, Picturebooks’ Zero Fucks Given song debut.

Weekend action. Watching the new Santa Cruz’ Right to Exist DVD, trying to fix a microwave, possible skate/flatland session somewhere, Joan of Dark at Tap Room, trip to the Y, taking Jane to the carousel, whatever else.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

january twenty-sixth

Five for January 26th:

Mornings with Jane. It’s nice to get in a few good games of princess, doctor, and house before heading off to work.

Don’t read the comments. Perhaps never in the history of mankind has that statement been truer.

Yesterday. Crazy afternoon as I had to book it at light speed from Mi Ranchito to go deliver cash to Lisa to rescue her from being towed. Luckily I made it in time and got back to my desk with my to-go order still warm.

Cool stuff. George learning a ton of new words, night drumming, homemade date bars, morning roll, vintage Westone jacket found in the warehouse.

Six days in. The doomsday clock has ticked 30 seconds closer to midnight, Government agencies are actually having to launch their own Twitter accounts to avoid censorship, journalists are being arrested and threatened with felony jail time on nonsense charges for covering inauguration unrest, the White House has erased any mention of climate change or civil rights from its website and is *blatantly* lying about anything and everything to what remains of the press corps they have deemed acceptable to spew their "alternative facts" to, the US has been downgraded from “full democracy” classification, and Trump is threatening an entire city with martial law. Six days. But yeah, good thing we didn’t get that horrible woman that once used a private email server.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

january twenty-fifth

Five for January 25th:

Morning roll. Dying to skate after more than a week of nothing, so I snuck in a quick, ten minute or so curb session before work today. Good to get the blood flowing early on a sunny, somewhat balmy January morning.

Escape artist. George climbed out of his crib last night. We hoped it wouldn’t happen again, but sure enough he did it again today. Not quite sure where to go from here, but this certainly throws a wrench into things.

Expense report. Filled out and submitted in record time. These stacks of receipts usually languish on my desk until the last minute or beyond.

Cool stuff. Pollo Yucatan to-go, Steve Caballero Rolling Stone interview, Yo, Get Shreddin’ video, 2017 SMA Thiebaud “Villain” reissues, approaching 223K pageviews.

Shades apart. My favorite green pair of sunglasses apparently bit the dust in my bag on the way back from California. As someone who takes perhaps overly-good care of extremely cheap sunglasses (found these in a $3 bin at Walgreens a couple years ago), this is a major bummer.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

january twenty-fourth

Five for January 24th:

Thrift score. Stopped into Red Racks on a whim yesterday and happened upon a pristine, vintage 1960’s Humco Surfer (widely regarded as the first commercially made skateboard ever available) sitting on the toy shelf. Bought it, snapped some pics in the parking lot, listed it on eBay, and had a $99 opening bid before I even got back to work.

Truth hurts. You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry and I Was at the Inauguration. It Was Tiny are the two articles you need to read today. Also, The Netherlands welcomes Trump in his own words is a must-watch.

Quote of the day. “We can’t let this happen. We should march on Washington and stop this travesty. Our nation is totally divided!” -Donald Trump, circa 2012

Cool stuff. Jane’s new 'do, morning curbslides, work snack resupply, BMXrated, free drum magazines that I accidentally left on the plane, El Gato Classic footage.

Tuesday soundtrack. Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, ALL, 7 Seconds, Raven, Black Sabbath, Attacker, Testament.

Monday, January 23, 2017

january twenty-third

Five for January 23rd:

Back from California. Highlights included snapping a pic with Nicko McBrain, getting food and talking old school skate videos with Larry and Brian, hanging out with Liane, Gregg Bissonette’s booth demos, and sleeping in every morning. Bummers included the fact that it was cold and rainy pretty much the whole time, and much nicer in STL.

TSA. I stupidly left my pocketknife in my pocket and had to turn it over to the boys in blue before getting on the plane. Luckily it was a mega cheap knife, so I found one exactly like it on eBay for $3.50 shipped while sitting at the gate, bought it, and had it waiting for me when I got home. Bam.

Women’s march. It was nice to having something to be proud of the day after this country elected the most embarrassingly inept president the United States has ever seen or will ever see. She doesn't know it now, but someday Jane will be able to say that when she was 4, she marched against a fascist.

Cool stuff. Seeing the kids after five days, bundle of skate goodies from Larry, selling stuff on eBay, keeping Whole 30 (mostly) intact, free Dixon shirt, pasta necklace from Jane, Iron Maiden in St. Louis in July.

Quote of the day. "It took less than one day in office for Trump’s presidency to become a national, bipartisan joke." -Alex Winter

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

january seventeenth

Five for January 17th:

Dentist appointment. Fresh cleaning, no cavities, good blood pressure, and Jane was super excited about my two new green toothbrushes and mini-tubes of Crest.

True facts. If there’s not a Ford dealer in Harrison, Arkansas called Harrison Ford, someone is blowing it big time.

Sunshine. I’ve forgotten what it looks like at this point. Seems like we’re on day 100 of cold gray gloom mixed with omnipresent and depressing precipitation. Winter is the worst.

Cool stuff. Raw nut and Elevation bar restock, Ripper revisited, chili day at work, The Oral History of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, H-Street skateboards Magnificent Seven soiree video.

Seeya next week. Heading out to SoCal tomorrow afternoon for NAMM, so no posts till Monday. There’ll be plenty on Instagram to tide you over.

Monday, January 16, 2017

january sixteenth

Five for January 16th:

MLK day. Happy MLK day to those of us not soulless enough to kick off MLK weekend by shitting all over a civil rights icon- which is to say, pretty much everyone except the guy that will be president in six days.

Long weekend. Got an unexpected (OK, maybe partially expected) Friday off due to the ice storm that really ended up not being that big a deal. You shan’t hear me complaining.

NAMM. I’ll be heading out to sunny southern California for another music industry tradeshow on Wednesday. I’ve lost count of how many I’ve been to at this point. This should be a good one- lots of hang-out plans, rooming with a good buddy, cool new goods to show, and flying back before booth breakdown.

Cool stuff. George really starting to learn to talk, Joe Biden awarded the presidential Medal of Freedom, hot-tubbing at the Y, scallops, stickering up the kneesavers, Chris Doyle: Long Story Short, basement freestyle, SLM backpack.

Quote of the day. “My biggest problem in these ACA debates? I don’t know how to explain to you why you should care about other people.” -Lauren Morrill

Thursday, January 12, 2017

january twelfth

Five for January 12th:

Last night. Had an awesome time hanging out with Greg and working on the bike. A balmy 68 degree evening, hanging out in a garage in t-shirts with the door open and music playing? No beating that in the middle of January.

FST. I can’t get over how sick this thing looks with the kneesaver bars and some proper freestyle tires. Unfortunately it’ll likely be a while till I’m actually able to ride it on some dry land, but still. Stoked.

Preach it. Congressman Luis V. Gutierrez’ speech to the House outlining exactly why he will not be participating in inauguration day festivities is a must-watch. Refreshing to hear from someone in that position.

Cool stuff. This dude, Ranchito with the lunch posse, ice melt stock-up, morning stories with Jane, Freestylin’ magazine sticker set, homemade chili, 203K+ pageviews for this blog, Angel Witch radio on Pandora, next week at this time I’ll be in southern California.

Holding pattern. Everyone is waiting to see what’s going to happen overnight and tomorrow with this winter blast that’s looming. If the world is covered in an inch of ice, I shan’t be working, and hence will not be posting, as is custom. We’ll see what happens.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

january eleventh

Five for January 11th:

Nice while it lasted. Hope you enjoyed the final address of perhaps the last dignified president this country will ever have. Onward to the guy who has the hashtag #goldenshowers attributed to him two weeks before taking the oath of office.

Bike work. Bringing the ‘87 Haro FST out to Greg’s place tonight for an overhaul: swapping out the brake levers, pads and cables, replacing the tires, and putting on some GT kneesaver copies. Excited to make that bike rideable.

Quote of the day. "One thing I'll always remember is that while Obama was giving his farewell address - poignant, heartfelt, inspirational - Donald Trump was tweeting about a BuzzFeed story that claimed he paid hookers to pee on a bed." I don't know who that quote is from so I'll just attribute it to about half of America.

Cool stuff. Two cartons of Medjool dates, Dixon Radar promotional mag, Pina Fraise La Croix, hoodie delivery.

The return of the bashguard. Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla has a new part out for the first bashguard BMX frame since who knows when. Behold The Caveman. I've never been a huge fan of 'em but I appreciate that they're getting some love.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

january tenth

Five for January 10th:

The stupidity burns. I simply cannot fathom the cognitive dissonance occurring in someone who voted for Trump getting online and saying- in all seriousness and without a hint of irony- that celebrities shouldn't talk politics. It's absolutely mind blowing.

Kung Fury. Now on Netflix. 31 minutes of pure glory, but the first minute alone is worth watching. Next on my list of flicks to make Lisa try to sit through.

Mat Hoffman. The Condor turned 45 yesterday, and is still riding every day and is as gnarly as ever. The best to ever do it.

Cool stuff. 60 degrees today, Ramp Riders sesh with the dudes, earlybird check-in for our flight to California, Revenge of the Nerds Takashi/Hosoi mashup t-shirt, Three Amigos revisited, good leftovers.

Tuesday soundtrack. Electric Frankenstein, Zeke, Supersuckers, Orange Goblin, Agent Orange, Throw Rag, Buzzcocks, New Bomb Turks, Radio Birdman.

Monday, January 9, 2017

january ninth

Five for January 9th:

Quote of the day. “Imagine you were such a fuck-up that Meryl Streep used a lifetime achievement speech to tell the world how shitty you are.” -Anne Donahue

Old school skate crew ’89. Mined some photo albums at my mom’s house and found some 15 or so awesome vintage photos of my old skate squad back in the day. I thought these were all long gone, and is basically all there is documenting those years. Check my Instagram for ‘em all.

Weekendery. Everyone was sick but me at some point or another, but it wasn’t all a bust- Jane and I hit the carousel at Chesterfield Mall (Faust Park’s was closed) on Saturday and the indoor pool at the Y yesterday. Lisa and George were laid out at home. Luckily everyone seems to be back to normal for the most part.

Cool stuff. Weather warm-up over the next few days, $1 Darth Vader coolie cup, OG Haro designs decal, fresh-ground coffee, 27 vintage phots of artists playing Gaslight Square, The Snapchat Presidency of Donald Trump, Ride BMX mag’s top 10 photos of 2016.

Tonight. Old man session happening at Ramp Riders with Andy and a few others. Stoked to go skate after more than a week of literally nothing.

Friday, January 6, 2017

january sixth

Five for January 6th:

Sick kids. Out of nowhere yesterday evening George came down with a fever, and then Jane was up for two hours in the middle of the night puking. Poor goobers. I will say, Jane handled it like a champ. Definitely can’t say the same for myself at that age.

You are what you eat. Almost two weeks into the Whole 30, the biggest takeaway for me is the amount of energy I have compared to before. Not like I’m bursting with it, but the omnipresent lingering fatigue I felt literally every day is totally gone. It’s a great feeling to get home from work not want to just pass out on the couch.

Color me shocked. Trump will ask congress, not Mexico, to pay for the border wall. Again let me reiterate how totally shocking this news is. No, really.

Cool stuff. Jane’s art and spelling skills, Haro Freestyler hoodie, night drums, payday, free Dixon drum key, Keith Olbermann’s newest sobering message to Republicans, Weird Al religious candle.

Weekend action. With ailing kiddos and oppressively cold weather, this weekend might be pretty sparse in the goings-on department. Seeing Star Wars: Rogue One tonight, maybe a Ramp Riders session somewhere in there, possible trip to the Y for some swimming. We’ll see how it goes.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

january fifth

Five for January 5th:

First snow. It’s cold out, so hopefully there’s enough lingering on the grass after last night’s inch-or-so dusting to justify a post-work trip to Clifton Park with Jane for some sledding and/or snowboarding.

Wusses. I essentially went outside this morning and whistled a happy little tune at my windshield to clear the flurries off, yet schools are closed/starting late all over the area. If there were any less snow, there would be nothing on the ground. I got to work in fifteen minutes.

St. Louis Blues. About to become the first NHL franchise in history to host a Pride Night, which is fucking awesome and makes me proud. Too bad it’s not one of their vintage jersey games.

Cool stuff. 2-Hip Home Video on Youtube, Mature Trump Tweets, raw nut restock, Pollo Yucatan at Mi Ranchito, new issue of Thrasher, Elevation bars, found my gloves.

Thursday soundtrack. Onslaught, Saxon, Elvis Costello, Angelwitch, Siege, Fugazi, Riot, Motorhead, Mercyful Fate, Rites of Spring.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

january fourth

Five for January 4th:

Agenda. One of these years I’d love to get out to an Agenda show in Long Beach. If they didn’t always happen a week or two before NAMM it’d be a lot easier, but two trips to southern California for trade shows in the same month probably isn’t going to happen.

Thrift score. Nabbed a mint, $0.98 VHS copy of Back to the Beach at Red Racks. One of my favorite movies as a kid that I probably haven’t seen it in twenty years. I’m sure it’ll be way worse than I remember and I’ll regret revisiting it, but what can you do.

10K. I officially hit the ten-thousand photo mark on Instagram yesterday, which is completely absurd.

Cool stuff. George waiting at the window for me to get home at night, It’s Always Sunny season 11 on Netflix, work Sumatra restock, Trump is Historically Unpopular; His Press Coverage Should Reflect That, Aggroman on Youtube, lunch with Tom and Brian, rolling on the Gonz reissue, worm party with Jane.

Old schoolin'. Since going vintage or Lineage is pretty much out of the question financially, I’ve been slowly molding my daily rider price-point 2014 Haro DT DLX into a replica ’87-‘88 Sport. So far I’ve replaced the decals and added a white Dominator. I’d like to eventually get chrome rims, upgraded brakes and kneesavers, plus some white tires and Skyway Tuffs. One thing at a time.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

january third

Five for January 3rd:

This year. I officially turn 40 in nine months. Do I get an oversized black “Over the Hill” pin to wear? Or maybe one of those novelty baseball caps with the fake ponytail?

Starting out right. Kicked off 2017 with a January 1 old school flatland freestyle session with Greg at Shenandoah- our old stomping grounds. Met the guy for the first time on this very parking lot some thirty years ago. Team One Way lives on!

Pink lightning. Jane picked out a brand new, two-person sled to replace the old saucer sled we’d been using. Hot pink, of course. Looking forward to taking it to the park for some high-speed action if we ever get any snow.

Cool stuff. Mark Hamill’s tribute to Carrie Fisher, homemade board games, swimming/ice cream date with Janey, fruit cup and tall coffee on the way in, apricot La Croix, ’89 Team Haro video on Youtube, OG Hammer gyro covers.

NYE. I sort of miss the days of playing two-hour long sets of rock songs to rowdy, capacity crowds at Off Broadway on New Year’s Eve. On the other hand, I don’t miss the two months of practice and gear-hauling in freezing temperatures it took to get those two hours to successfully happen. Sometimes a nice, chill one at home is just fine.