Wednesday, January 4, 2017

january fourth

Five for January 4th:

Agenda. One of these years I’d love to get out to an Agenda show in Long Beach. If they didn’t always happen a week or two before NAMM it’d be a lot easier, but two trips to southern California for trade shows in the same month probably isn’t going to happen.

Thrift score. Nabbed a mint, $0.98 VHS copy of Back to the Beach at Red Racks. One of my favorite movies as a kid that I probably haven’t seen it in twenty years. I’m sure it’ll be way worse than I remember and I’ll regret revisiting it, but what can you do.

10K. I officially hit the ten-thousand photo mark on Instagram yesterday, which is completely absurd.

Cool stuff. George waiting at the window for me to get home at night, It’s Always Sunny season 11 on Netflix, work Sumatra restock, Trump is Historically Unpopular; His Press Coverage Should Reflect That, Aggroman on Youtube, lunch with Tom and Brian, rolling on the Gonz reissue, worm party with Jane.

Old schoolin'. Since going vintage or Lineage is pretty much out of the question financially, I’ve been slowly molding my daily rider price-point 2014 Haro DT DLX into a replica ’87-‘88 Sport. So far I’ve replaced the decals and added a white Dominator. I’d like to eventually get chrome rims, upgraded brakes and kneesavers, plus some white tires and Skyway Tuffs. One thing at a time.

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