Monday, January 9, 2017

january ninth

Five for January 9th:

Quote of the day. “Imagine you were such a fuck-up that Meryl Streep used a lifetime achievement speech to tell the world how shitty you are.” -Anne Donahue

Old school skate crew ’89. Mined some photo albums at my mom’s house and found some 15 or so awesome vintage photos of my old skate squad back in the day. I thought these were all long gone, and is basically all there is documenting those years. Check my Instagram for ‘em all.

Weekendery. Everyone was sick but me at some point or another, but it wasn’t all a bust- Jane and I hit the carousel at Chesterfield Mall (Faust Park’s was closed) on Saturday and the indoor pool at the Y yesterday. Lisa and George were laid out at home. Luckily everyone seems to be back to normal for the most part.

Cool stuff. Weather warm-up over the next few days, $1 Darth Vader coolie cup, OG Haro designs decal, fresh-ground coffee, 27 vintage phots of artists playing Gaslight Square, The Snapchat Presidency of Donald Trump, Ride BMX mag’s top 10 photos of 2016.

Tonight. Old man session happening at Ramp Riders with Andy and a few others. Stoked to go skate after more than a week of literally nothing.

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